COVID -19 Jab experience

This article is a vivid and hilarious description of the first youth to get a COVID 19 vaccine .

May 14, 2023 - 20:59
May 14, 2023 - 21:22
COVID -19 Jab experience

Last year , when I got my covid 19 vaccine, it came with a lot of mixed reaction among my friends. I was the first among my peers and family to g et vaccinated.While my parents and relatives they congratulated me for taking the big step, most of my friends were highly circumspect.They warned me that for the whole week , I would get sick and regret getting vaccinated. Others said that vaccination was a hoax and they would never get it. Others sent me videos of people with deformed faces, after getting vaccinated .

What followed was a week of constant monitoring and calls from my family to find out about my progress so that they would also get vaccinated.Upon seeing no side effects, my parents and some of friends also decided to get vaccinated .This is what is happening in schools ,homes and villages .

Young people are very influential among family members and their peers . The recent announcement by the Health ministry on mandatory vaccination forced a lot of Kenyans to get vaccinated for fear of being denied government services. The elderly and parents found themselves consulting the younger generation who are more UpTo date with the latest happenings . Young people often make their decisions based on what their friends are saying, hence negative comments on covid 19 vaccination may result to them not getting vaccinated at all

My friends are hesitant about getting the jab because of myths and misconception that are circulating on social media .

The health ministry should take vaccine hesitancy among the youths on a seriously . The youths can influence opinions in their villages,homes and social groups The government should invest more in educating the youth about the importance of getting vaccinated .Young people should research the facts on covid 19 vaccination

They should turn out in large numbers to get vaccinated and be role models to the other people who are still stuck about being vaccinated.


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